CIONET Cookbook Recipes For Digital Success

//CIONET Cookbook Recipes For Digital Success

CIONET Cookbook Recipes For Digital Success

CIONET Cookbook

My overall impression of this book is a well-written read for any manager in any industry or anybody involved in or thinking about digital transformation. This book is highly structured with a well-explained introduction leading into the main bodies of content over 9 main sections. Also noteworthy is the relevance to today’s turbulent world as it was written and published during the COVID crises making the content highly relevant for today’s digital businesses.

CIONET Cookbook targeting Digital Transformation

Each section is densely populated with real use cases backing up the strategic points made. As a management professional from my prior career, I can relate to the accuracy of the points made. Also of note are a shortlist of common key points often overlooked pre COVID, which gained more importance during the COVID era. For many, digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a recipe for survival.

The use cases nearly all outline how their digital transformation was set inside a management strategy to become closer to the customer. Also of common note was the strategic importance placed on organic innovation and employee-driven culture through targeted leadership practices alongside the adoption of cloud platforms for new products and features. In parts of the book, the breakdown of organizational silos is strongly presented as a key feature in change initiatives.

Imagine an IT professional becoming business aware and vice versa. This agile attitude is very noticeable in the many use cases delivered throughout the book. The use cases wonderfully illustrate the points made in the related sections as you traverse the book providing solid understanding for the reader.

Once you pace yourself, these use cases with associated learned lessons are very digestible and very usable for any digital transformation given the common themes of agility, innovation and understanding. It allows thinking professionals to create tailored solutions to the real challenge of digital transformation.

As the global stage continues to be rocked by COVID and war, the need to become more insightful, adaptable and thoughtful in business cannot be underestimated. This means throwing old bias into the bin and starting anew in some cases, which is a daunting task. This book is great at showing how others did it and so can you.

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CIONET is the leading community of 10,000 senior digital and IT executives in 25 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Through this global community, CIONET helps orchestrate peer-to-peer interactions focused on the most important business and technology issues of the day. CIONET holds over a thousand international and regional live and virtual events annually, ranging from roundtables, community events and tribe meetings to large international gatherings, including CIONEXT and CIOFEST. Our members testify that CIONET is an impartial and value-adding platform that helps each member to advance their professional development and accelerate beneficial outcomes within their organisations.

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