FIFA 22: Changes That All Players Want to See

//FIFA 22: Changes That All Players Want to See

FIFA 22: Changes That All Players Want to See

FIFA 22: Changes That All Players Want to See

It’s no surprise, as seems to be the case every year in these Summer months, that the hype around the most recent edition of EA‘s gaming series, FIFA 21 has died down somewhat. At this stage for FIFA players, it’s all about the look-ahead to FIFA 22; but what can we expect?

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team has rose to prevalence over the past decade to be EA’s flagship game mode. However, as the mode has developed and kept its top players up-to-speed, some of the casual more players have slipped behind.

The match-making in the latest edition of the game has been brought up for debate several times, with various gamers and YouTubers ranting about how it seems impossible to keep up with the more established players. With the aspect of FIFA points involved to afford better players using real money, many feel it is not feasible to play online modes, as it is too difficult to compete with the players they match given their monstrous teams they have built from their resulting boost in virtual coins.

Gamers would like to have a more accommodating experience online in Ultimate Team, perhaps placing an emphasis on the fact that it shouldn’t be necessary to have to pump your money into the game in order to have fun. It is not yet seen whether EA will work on this in the future, but it is certainly something they should bear in mind for consideration.

The in-game features are also complained about by many FIFA players. Since EA’ collaboration with Frostbite, there have been major improvements in graphics, displaying better game-faces and motion play sequences during matches, but a lot of users are still finding basic mechanisms that lack in quality which cause the game to be more frustrating than enjoyable.

In FIFA 21, a common complaint is the defensive mechanism. Many feel the defenders are pulled out of position too easy, not only causing the game to seem less realistic, but unnecessarily making the game more infuriating to play. This complaint is commonly linked with the game’s apparent favourability towards attackers’ abundance of pace, effectively cancelling out all other attributes as all it takes is a quick burst of pace to beat a defender.

The pace issue has been a long-lasting one since Ultimate Team has rose to the FIFA fore, and players will not be satisfied by the development of the gaming series until it is a problem of the past.

Career Mode

With such a large emphasis placed on FIFA Ultimate Team in the latest generation, old fan-favourite game mode, career mode, has fallen behind. What used to be the most enjoyable aspect of the game (and still is for some) has not been spoiled with attention from its developers over the years.

Blending fun game-play with reality, career mode allows the player to manage a team of their choosing, carrying their players on an illustrious journey to eventually fill the trophy cabinet, or rather live that experience as a professional footballer, rather than a manager. The problem is that, with so much effort allocated to improving FIFA Ultimate Team and accommodating its players, career mode lovers don’t feel the same sense of significance.

Careless, unrealistic transfers, along with repetitive commentating and lack of creative options, a career mode stint is not prepared to last more than a month before it becomes as dull as you can imagine.

Players want a simulation process dedicated to replicating the reality of today’s transfer market and team/player quality, incorporating creative opportunities such as the option to create a jersey for the new season, or create a legendary rivalry with an opposition manager.

If these changes were considered, career mode could surge to the popularity levels that FIFA Ultimate Team is hitting, as well coincidingly generating more revenue for EA, as they would pride themselves off not only one successful game mode, but two.

Future of FIFA

It seems EA have their priorities in terms of creative development skewed, with the gaming developers so set on improving minor aspects such as celebrations and skid-marks on the field, rather than give the people what they want, an overall football-gaming experience that provides something for all to enjoy, instead of favouring a particular audience.

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