Genetic Brokering explained, Irish Tech News Business Showcase

//Genetic Brokering explained, Irish Tech News Business Showcase

Genetic Brokering explained, Irish Tech News Business Showcase

Genetic Brokers

We look at the first company of its kind to develop this industry and new sectoral field of Genetic Brokering.

Describe the company the elevator pitch for Genetic Brokering

By joining forces with our partners, we can protect the importance of providing and securing the best genetic testing products whilst ensuring optimum privacy of results and data protection. Some people do ancestry testing ‘’for a laugh’’ and a bit of fun, but most people are not aware their data is sold onto third parties without passing on any of the financial benefit to the customer.

Unlike other competitors who financially benefit from selling your genetic data through various home kits, at Genetic Brokers we offer our customers the opportunity of purchasing our products and receiving the results in a safe and secure manner.

How are you different?

Not only do we assist in facilitating the best analysis of your genetic results surrounding customers ancestry, nutrition, and dietary analysis to find your perfect diet, health risks such as cancer, what sports and activities are better aligned with your body and so much more, but we also place an emphasis on data privacy. Our additional service compared to other companies is that we offer customers the choice of whether they want their data sold to third parties and if they decide they do, they could receive financial benefits from doing so when their genomic data is accessed and used.

We pledge to give 15% of our revenues to charities involved in research, support and treatment of cancers, illnesses, and diseases to help support them financially. Even if we don’t become the next Amazon or Google we hope we can still inspire others to help those that need it the most and make society that bit fairer.

Why will you do well

We believe we will do well due to us providing our customers with this exclusive and superior product that looks at all major areas of their genetic predispositions. Health has always been important and the interest in health and wellbeing has created a multibillion pound industry that continues to grow as people place more and more importance on it. We are passionate that this type of testing will help people with current and future health benefits and shows how they need to adapt their lifestyle for optimal health.

We want to push for better data protection, data ownership on behalf of the customer and assist by creating this database the development of new and revolutionary drugs.
We want to challenge the pharmaceutical industry, medical and other DNA or ancestry firms who have in the past used data to enrich themselves at the expense of the customer. Other DNA and ancestry companies especially the most established ones use cheap but substandard products that only analyse a tiny fragment of your information sometimes just 0.02% of your DNA information!

Henrietta Lacks was one such woman in the US whose cells were used to develop billions worth of treatment without consent and without any type or form of compensation to her or her family.


Price: £245 pounds

Unlike some of our competitors who use cheaper products and technology, we can gather up to 4,000x more DNA information through our comprehensive test and technologies.

1. Lifestyle:

Diet and nutrition – how your body reacts to different foods.

Sport – which sport activities are aligned with your body’s natural preferences
Body and Mind- Find out your genetic predispositions associated with strong immune defences. Learn more about your stress response, sleep, and character traits.

2. Health:

Cancer Risks

3. Ancestry

– find out where in the world your ancestors came from over thousands of years, on our visual maps!

4. Oral Health – Reveals associations between oral microbiome and possible health conditions to avoid bleeding gums, ulcers, and bad breath.

Where are you based?

We are based in Ireland and the UK. Irish company MyGene Ltd (Irish firm) but trading under the name Genetic Brokers.

When was the company launched?

The 8th of March 2022

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

All people from all walks of life! People who are curious about their ancestry, diet, sports, health risks, sleep and wellness, character traits, immunity can all benefit from our comprehensive product that looks at all of this information.

Tell us about your team?

At the moment we are a small team comprising of six people including myself, but we expect quite a rapid growth so there will be a push on marketing, advertising and of course growing our team. We will be looking for people across all industries who are ambitious, have a strong work ethic and are passionate about growing the company and are ready to make a positive impact on the world and society.

What is your background?

I have an Irish mother and Spanish father, I was raised in Ireland when we moved here when I was 8 years old in Portumna, Galway, Ireland. Great town for everyone to visit who loves friendly people, golfing, fishing or is a major hurling fan! I studied International Insurance in the University of Limerick and moved to London in 2020. I have always been interested in building something that would help others and to have the opportunity to improve and positively impact both people around me and the wider society.

My grandfather was somewhat of a ‘’medical mystery’’ surviving odds stacked against him multiple times over the years since he was a very young man. When he passed
in December 2020 I thought of the strength and will power of that generation, and it really inspires me to try to help improve healthcare and how people look after themselves. This company will do just that.

As a generation where we have better health options, work life balance and access to nutritional information, this next step in checking our genetic makeup to help improve our health and outcomes is essential. People spend years trying to get diagnosed in the public healthcare systems. And all that time they are suffering the consequences of sometimes very mild reactions but other times very severe.

Any tips for building a business?

Never ever give up, if you have a great idea keep that you are passionate about and can change the world or the way we do business do it. Make sure to build a team of
people that are going to support you and are as equally passionate in your vision. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism from your team and be open minded when it comes to different views

What are your plans for the future?

By bringing empowerment, wealth, transparency, fairness, and knowledge to our customers we hope to grow and build the largest genetic database in Europe and maybe even globally that assists in the development of multiple drug developments and treatments to help combat many of the illnesses and diseases that affect our society.

How do people get in touch with you?

Our website is up and running and we are adding to it every day to improve it and update it based on questions people are asking us.

Facebook- @geneticbrokers
Linked In (Joseph Beltran) –

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