Ireland’s first cyber research conference to take place in 2022

//Ireland’s first cyber research conference to take place in 2022

Ireland’s first cyber research conference to take place in 2022

CRCI Cyber research conference

Academics, students and professionals working in the tech sector are being invited to participate in the Cyber Research Conference Ireland (CRCI), Ireland’s first Cyber Research Conference.

The conference will focus on both practical and theoretical aspects of cyber security, privacy, trust as well as the resilience of networks, systems and services. The human and legal dimensions of cyber will also be covered.

The event is being organised by itag’s (Innovation Technology AtlanTec Gateway) Cyber Forum in conjunction with Cyber Ireland, NUI Galway and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).

Anyone who would like to participate is being encouraged to begin working on their paper ahead of the submission deadline of 29th January 2022.

All submissions will be peer reviewed by the conference’s distinguished team with feedback provided to the authors.

Further information on how papers can be submitted is available at

The conference will then take place on the Galway campus of GMIT on 25th April 2022, using a hybrid approach of both in-person presentations as well as those delivered remotely or via pre-recorded video.

Speaking about the Cyber Research Conference, Caroline Cawley, CEO of itag said, “Ireland is becoming an important centre of cyber activity with the five leading security software companies in the world already based here and another 60 Irish cyber security businesses in operation.

“Yet despite the strength of Ireland’s cyber security prowess internationally, there hasn’t been the same level of focus domestically or any suitable platforms for the sharing of expertise between industry and academia.

“That is why we have decided to set up the Cyber Research Conference. It will provide a world class platform for those working in the industry to come together with academics, researchers and students operating in this space, and share knowledge – allowing for the further expansion of insight across Ireland’s cybersecurity domain.

“These papers will be the bedrock of the conference and we want as much of the cybersecurity community in Ireland as possible to participate,” Ms. Cawley said.

Conference chair, Dr. Michael Lang, Senior Lecturer in Business Information Systems in NUI Galway, said “The critical importance of cybersecurity research has been highlighted by major attacks reported in national and international news of late. Arising from an action identified by the National Cyber Security Strategy 2019-2024, the Government of Ireland recently invested €193m into five SFI research centres with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, privacy, digital ethics, and AI.

“The inaugural Cyber Research Conference Ireland (CRCI) 2022 will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners in cybersecurity, cybercrime and related areas from across the whole island of Ireland to present their work, advance the state of knowledge, and build alliances.

“The conference will be multidisciplinary, with contributions invited from the fields of computer science, information systems, business, law, criminology, psychology, and other relevant cognate disciplines,” Dr. Lang added.

His remarks were echoed by conference co-chair, Dr. Séamus Dowling (Programme Chair & Lecturer in Cybersecurity, GMIT), who said “As well as academia, this conference wants to create strong links with industries working to improve the cybersecurity posture of their ICT infrastructure.

“Irrespective of whether these industries specialise in core cybersecurity activities or related technologies, this conference provides the opportunity to build relationships between academia and industry. This will inform the development of future cybersecurity research and taught programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels,” Dr. Dowling concluded.

Further information on Ireland’s first Cyber Research Conference on

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