Mophie Universal Wireless Charging Hub reviewed

//Mophie Universal Wireless Charging Hub reviewed

Mophie Universal Wireless Charging Hub reviewed

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We look at this product supplied in Ireland by Pair Mobile, see more about the Mophie Universal Wireless Charging Hub here

Mophie Universal Wireless Charging Hub reviewed

This is a smart gift, ostensibly for other members of the family, but, if you have a household of teenagers who keep stealing your Mac charger to charge their phones, this could also be a really appealing gift too. You can then install in somewhere prominent, easy to use, accessible, and then it should great reduce the frequency of teenagers rooting through your office, bedroom or study and ‘borrowing’ your own charger. This might be the perfect xmas present that restores peace, and more importantly your own sanity.

It is well built, sleek, straight forward to use, and should appeal for a variety of reasons, overall though, we think it also might just be a winner for those of us in households where no-one else seems to keep track of their own chargers. What is not to like!?

More about the product

This wireless hub is soon to be your favourite desk accessory. Forget needing multiple (ugly) plugs and sockets. The Mophie’s wireless hub charges all of your devices, regardless of the brand, in one convenient place, but at a much lower price point than all leading competitors. The team in PAIR Mobile put a huge amount of research into finding the highest quality product for the best value.

Featuring a wireless charging surface and three USB power ports, cable clutter is a thing of the past. Universal wireless charging hub with USB-A and USB-C ports. Suitable for USB-C and USB-A devices.

 Take it a step further with this universal wireless charging mat, which charges up to four devices at once (€159.99), plus an additional USB device. The sleek design and intuitive markings make charging multiple devices smooth and easy.

More about Pair mobile

Ireland’s most trusted, Irish and family-owned tech service brand PAIR Mobile offers a stand-out selection of gifts for the technophile or clumsy person in your life, particularly if you are someone looking to support an Irish family business this Christmas, after these tough few years. PAIR Mobile provides the latest and greatest in the world of tech and has the perfect WOW gift or stocking filler for everyone.

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