The Oracle Dilemma and Entropy using SupraOracles, Joshua Tobkin

//The Oracle Dilemma and Entropy using SupraOracles, Joshua Tobkin

The Oracle Dilemma and Entropy using SupraOracles, Joshua Tobkin

Joshua Tobkin

Jamil chats with Joshua Tobkin to learn more about this topic.

Supra is a high throughput layer 1 with native oracles and bridged  smart-contract-triggers to create an automated network able to have cross data feeds between private DLTs, public blockchains and traditional legacy infrastructures that can triangulate read/write and query functions to either of the other two.

The crux of SupraOracles’ innovative breakthroughs have been achieved through our novel nested multi-helix node architecture of “Tribes” and “Clans” which allows for parallel processing by leveraging powerful cryptographic primitives, such as threshold cryptography, next gen distributed key generation, and random sampling.

To date, there is no other consensus algorithm that provides more security against node collusion which historically, as you know, has caused cataclysmic liquidations of assets on chain.

We collectively believe that we have finally solved the oracle dilemma.Testing metrics suggest; an original GoLang testnet was launched in 2020 with 600 nodes in 10 countries globally distributed averaging 60 nodes per 600K transactions.

As of 2021, optimizations have been implemented that now conduct sub 2 second finalty at peak throughput and no more than 5 seconds at its slowest, 600 ms blocktimes, and 100-150K TPS. If that’s not compelling enough, our nodes can be run on a desktop CPU with considerably less energy requirements per rewards.

Think of Supra as having all the features of Solana+Avalanche, FileCoin, Hedera Hashgraph, The Graph and Chainlink all on one supercharged novel L1 designed for performance, scalability, security, and finality.

The Oracle Dilemma and Entropy, Joshua Tobkin, SupraOracles

Joshua D. Tobkin – Co-founder and CEO of SupraOracles

Architect of Supra BFT Consensus Algorithm. Blockchain Designer & Developer. Lateral Thinker, Josh has been building SaaS companies for the last 10 years.

Jamil Hasan is a crypto and blockchain focused podcast host at the Irish Tech News and spearheads our weekend content “The Crypto Corner” where he interviews founders, entrepreneurs and global thought leaders.

Prior to his endeavors into the crypto-verse in July 2017, Jamil built an impressive career as a data, operations, financial, technology and business analyst and manager in Corporate America, including twelve years at American International Group and its related companies.

Since entering the crypto universe, Jamil has been an advisor, entrepreneur, investor and author. His books “Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance” (2018) and “Re-Generation X” (2020) not only discuss the benefits of blockchain technology, but also capture Jamil’s experience on how he has transitioned from being a loyal yet downsized former corporate employee to a self sovereign individual.

With over one hundred podcasts under his belt since he joined our team in February 2021, and with four years of experience both managing his own crypto portfolio and providing crypto guidance and counsel to select clients, Jamil continues to seek opportunities to help others navigate this still nascent industry.

Jamil’s primary focus outside of podcast hosting is helping former corporate employees gain the necessary skills and vision to build their own crypto portfolios and create wealth for the long-term.

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