From the west of Ireland comes this exciting outfit with all-new music. Featuring 40 new compositions from Carl Hession. Úrnua is the Irish word for fresh and new (pronounced “oor-new-a”).

Úrnua are:
Carl Hession, piano and arrangements
Eimear Coughlan: fiddle & harp
Francis Cunningham: concertina

We came up with the name to reflect Carl’s brand-new compositions and arrangements. It also represents a unique combination of instruments. From what I’m aware, concertina and harp with piano accompaniment haven’t been done previously, especially given the fact that Eimear plays the melody on all tracks as well as an accompaniment.
Finally, it reflects Eimear (pronounced “ee-mer”) & Francis’s debut as neither of us have recorded before this so in a sense we’re fresh and new to the game.
Carl Hession is regarded as one of the foremost piano accompanists and orchestral arrangers in Irish Music. This album showcases Carl as one of the finest composers in Irish Traditional Music. Carl is one of Ireland’s most sought after accompanists/arrangers, having cut his teeth in the legendary Irish band, Moving Cloud, also alongside Frankie Gavin is several outfits, currently Frankie’s Roaring 20’s outfit.
Eimear and Francis from Tulla and Crusheen in Co. Clare, have been playing music together since the age of 15. Also a fiddle player, Eimear learned her music from her grandfather Paddy Canny and studied the harp with Janet Harbison. West Limerick concertina player Tim Collins taught Francis from an early age. Individually and together they have won numerous accolades at various Fleadhanna over the past few years.
Copperplate is very proud to have this title on our roster and to help it achieve its full potential will be supporting this release with a full-scale promotional mail out to media and retail. Urnua are available for interviews; please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.
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Live music @ glór

Fresh as daisies after a long week at The Willie Clancy Summer School, Francis Cunningham, Eimear Coughlan and Carl Hession are ready to go again this week at the Munster Fleadh! They'll be launching their exquisite new album Úrnua in The Sanctuary at 6.30pm this Friday 19 July. They dropped in to give us a taste of it today. These are three compositions of Carl's: Sporting Galway / The White Plains / Threadneedle Reel. Hup!

Posted by glór on Monday, July 15, 2019

Track Listing:
1. Sporting Galway/The White Plains/ Threadneedle Reel (Reels) [4.08]
2. The Flying Magpies/A Roll of the Dice/ Just Another Dilemma (Slip Jigs) [3.55]
3. The Granddaughter’s Dream (Waltz)
4. Cullivan from Cavan/The Catskill Pines/
Knefsky Prospect (Reels) [3.05]
5. Trip to Letterkenny/Morning Gallop
6. Links by the Bay / Salthill Prom. [4.04]
7. The Aran Cruiser/A Trip to the Village / The Drinker and the Whiskey (Jigs) [3.13]
8. Blackrock Tower/Claddagh Basin/The Eyre Square Buzz (Reels) [3.36]
9. Celtic Storm (Adagio & Gigue) [3.09]
10. The Rambles of Mike/The Laughing Spoons (Jigs) [3.06]
11. Down the Hill to Carlow/Jackie the Adopted (March & Reel) [3.33]

Release Date 4/10/19
Format Single CD
Distributed by Proper/Copperplate
Catalog Number URN001
File Under: Irish Trad/Celtic
UPC #: 5391524050301

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