What Affects Your Internet Speed and How to Boost It

//What Affects Your Internet Speed and How to Boost It

What Affects Your Internet Speed and How to Boost It

What Affects Your Internet Speed and How to Boost It

It’s frustrating to have web pages open slower than usual. It can be stressful needing to download something quickly and it takes forever to download. The following are some factors that might impact your Internet speed and steps you can take to speed things up.

Reduce the Number of Users

Your Internet speed slows down when multiple people are trying to connect to the Internet at the same time. The same thing can happen across an entire network during peak activity.

This could include when everyone gets home from work and tries to connect online. You may experience something similar if you are at a cafe or other public Internet hotspots and there are several users on the network.

Run Less Software Simultaneously

If you are running multiple applications that need to connect to the Internet simultaneously, your Internet will run slower. You may have programs running in the background without your knowledge. If you experience unexplained slow Internet speeds, you may wish to check the auto-update or backup settings of the file-sharing apps you have installed. Also, look at the toolbars in your browser. Each one of these toolbars is a separate application that may pull your bandwidth.

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Check for Computer Viruses

When a virus or malware kicks in, it could run in the background. It may connect to the Internet without your knowledge or permission. Every time it does, it is pulling on your computer’s resources. It’s recommended that you protect yourself by installing an antivirus program. Also, only download extensions and add-ons from sources you trust.

Physical Barriers That Could Affect Your Wi-Fi Usage

One physical barrier is distance. If your devices are far away from your Wi-Fi router, your Internet speed will be slower. You can fix this by purchasing a wireless repeater. These can be placed between a router and your devices, doubling the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. Look for other physical barriers between the router and the device. This is especially true with metal and water. If there are metal plates or an aquarium in between your device and your router, consider moving your router.

Take Steps to Improve Your Hardware

Your Internet speed depends on the network equipment you have. These included the cables and the router you are using. An ethernet connection is typically more stable and quicker than Wi-Fi. If you are connected to Wi-Fi in your home, the more devices you put on the network, the slower things will become. The quality of your computer can affect your Internet speed. For example, if you have a weak processor, uploading and downloading may be slow.

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Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed by Updating Security and Getting Rid of Leeches

You may improve your home Internet speed by improving your home network security. For example, if you do not have protection on your Wi-Fi network, your network is open to freeloaders. We recommend that you use a complex password along with WPA2 security. This is especially true if you have automated home devices. The more intruders connecting to your network, the less likely your devices will get the bandwidth needed. So keep your network secure.

Optimize Your Router’s Settings

Test different settings on your router to improve signal strength and speed. For example, some routers have a setting that prioritizes entertainment. It gives more bandwidth to devices that are streaming video content or playing video games. However, this can be counterproductive, especially when multiple users share the same Wi-Fi connection simultaneously.

Experiment with your router’s fragmentation and RTS threshold. If you set your fragmentation threshold to a lower number, your router may transfer data packets in a more efficient way. This improves network reliability issues.

Purchase a Higher End Router

You’re less than optimal Internet connection speeds could result from the fact that you are using an older router. There are several benefits to investing in a new router, including faster Internet speeds. Newer routers have more security features and work better with a larger gamut of devices. Newer routers are the way to go for people introducing home automation into their house.

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Angle One Wi-Fi Antenna up and the Other to the Side

Not all routers have antennas. However, if your Wi-Fi router does have antennas, angle one of them up and the other one to the side. Wi-Fi signals get weaker when they travel through walls at a right angle. If one is vertical, the signal is going to travel in a straight direction through the walls, keeping signal strength. The antenna that is a vertical allows the signal to travel easier upward and downward through the ceiling and floor.

Move Your Wireless Router to a High and Clear Spot

If you position your router in an open space without obstructions, you will have a better Wi-Fi signal. If your router is on the ground, much of your Wi-Fi signal is travelling horizontally through the floor and will reach fewer parts of the home. In multilevel homes, setting the router on the second floor may improve Internet speeds. Remember, the denser the objects around your router, the greater the signal loss you will sustain.

There is a lot that you can do to optimize your router settings. Experiment with different settings on your router with the goal of improving signal strength and speed in your home. If you have tried these and you are still not getting the results needed, try resetting your router. Sometimes unplugging it and plugging it back in works. This is the same thing that happens if you reset your phone. It fixes unknown issues. Resetting your router can fix dormant issues and boost your router speed.

You may need to call your ISP and talk to them about upgrading your service or making sure that there is nothing wrong with the network in your area. Many people say that the only thing worse than having no Internet is having a slow Internet. Hopefully, by using some ideas mentioned in this post, you will improve your Internet speed.

As always, we would love to hear from you. What steps have you used to successfully improve your Internet speed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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