Why Artists Should Create Their Own Platforms for Fan Engagement, DJ Sam Feldt, Fangage

//Why Artists Should Create Their Own Platforms for Fan Engagement, DJ Sam Feldt, Fangage

Why Artists Should Create Their Own Platforms for Fan Engagement, DJ Sam Feldt, Fangage

Sam Feldt

Taking Back Your Personal Data and Why Artists Should Create Their Own Platforms for Fan Engagement, with DJ Sam Feldt and Fangage

DJ Sam Feldt, Fangage

More about Sam

DJ, producer, entrepreneur and sustainability pioneer Sam Feldt has established himself as one of the most sought after electronic artists of recent times. Building his career around distinctly feel-good sound, Sam already has a double album and a multitude of top-selling releases under his belt. The platinum-selling DJ and producer has proven himself to be an entrepreneur at heart, with his own platform Fangage – meant for artists to connect with their fans better – and the launch of his own record label Heartfeldt Records in 2020.

On top of this, with his project Heartfeldt Foundation, Sam is passionately working towards a more social and sustainable dance music industry. With this foundation he promotes a sustainable lifestyle according to the Do-Give-Inspire and Empower model and aims to combine the reach of a lot of different influencers to create awareness around sustainability issues. The mission of the foundation is a common thread for the entire Heartfeldt business chain: Heartfeldt Records, Heartfeldt Radio and Heartfeldt Events. Both in music and life, Sam definitely has his sights set firmly on the future.

Heartfeldt Foundation

In his entrepreneurship, Sam is always looking for ways to help out others and protect our planet. This same philosophy will be applied to Sam’s extracurricular endeavor to mitigate the climate impact of his DJ activities as much as possible. He is aware of the fact that as a DJ he flies all over the world and thus has a large carbon footprint. For this reason, his flight behavior is measured and calculated, visitors to Heartfeldt events are asked about their way of transport to his shows and 1% of the stream earnings of Heartfeldt Records releases goes to Heartfeldt Foundation.

“The whole idea is to maximize the impact of what I’m doing,” Sam elaborates. “The transition to a circular economy is something that we are all part of and I think companies and people who are trying to do their best for the environment, should get attention and support.” As an ambassador of Plastic Promise, Plastic Soup Foundation and partner of Blond:ish Bye Bye Plastic, many positive adjustments are already made within the events sector.

Sam Feldt believes sustainability is needed in all areas of our consumption. He is therefore open to working with all interested parties in order to investigate the ways in which life, from everyday consumption of food and drinks to flying and performing music, can be made sustainable.

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