Why blockchain may fundamentally change many industries, including the finance industry, George Lai, Crypto Commonwealth

//Why blockchain may fundamentally change many industries, including the finance industry, George Lai, Crypto Commonwealth

Why blockchain may fundamentally change many industries, including the finance industry, George Lai, Crypto Commonwealth

blockchain finance industry, George Lai, Crypto Commonwealth

Blockchain insights with George Lai, Crypto Commonwealth

What is your own background briefly?

I am a senior quantitative analyst in an investment bank, and develop models for financial derivative products pricing, risk management, etc. and also support the front desk trading. Before the current position, I was in a similar role in the FinTech company, developing models and solutions for the derivative financial products. Prior to that, I received my PhD in biophysics field from Stony Brook University.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

I am working as a senior quantitative analyst in an investment bank now. The main responsibilities of my role have two parts: 1. developing the analytic financial models for the derivative products, such as bond, swap, options etc. And those models will be used for the different teams, such as risk management team, model control team and front office traders. 2. supporting other teams who use our models, especially for the traders in the front trading office.

For example, if the trades find something unexpected in the trade when they use the model, they may come to us ask why. My role requires the background of math, computer and financial. And I have such background, so it is logical for me to what I do now.

How was the last 12 months?

Good and busy. Doing many projects and every day I can learn something new and interesting.  Doing the projects that relate to what I described above. For example, I developed a new product asset return swap for the traders and supported them to use the new product.

Why did you get involved with Crypto Commonwealth?

CC would like release some financial derivative product, such as a convertible bond, and CC needs to how to price such bonds and how to manage the risk of this product. I have such background and experience.

What will your role be?

I am an advisor for Crypto Commonwealth. My financial modeling background may help CC to issue the new product such as a convertible bond on Crypto.

What are your goals for 2020 with CC?

I will help CC to develop the derivative pricing and token sale mechanism, preparing for the company financing sale in this coming June and September.

 BTC and ether seem to be rising again, what does the crypto world look like for 2020 and beyond?

More and more people are joining the crypto world. Digital currency is a big focus not only for the traditional financial big names, such as JP Morgan, Citi, Bank of American, other hedge funds and so on, but also for some big names in the tech company,like facebook. More and more companies have put the BlockChain/Crypto as the core part of their business. China even tries to apply the blockchain/digital currency on the state level. So it has bright future.

Who and where do you get inspiration from?

I have noticed the Crypto for a while, such as bitcoin and libra. The underlying technology blockchain may fundamentally change many industries, including the finance industry. The property of the decentration of digital currency can provide much more efficiency and transparency for trading, transaction and so on. Those tech and properties have been applied to many fields and gradually show how powerful they are. In CC, I have more chances to look closer on the digital currency/blockchain and understand more how it works in the real world.

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